Thursday, January 21, 2010

NFL Tebow: Leftwich Meets Alstott?

You know I love the "Tim Tebow is like..." comps to current or former NFL players: Steve Young. Donovan McNabb. Eric Crouch. (Ugh.) Frank Wycheck. (Ugh.)

Here's a new one, passed along by the PBP's Ben Volin:
The people at compare Tebow as a hybrid between Byron Leftwich and Mike Alstott. Sounds about right.
A combo of Leftwich and Alstott. I love that. It's totally freaky -- not unlike Tebow's pro potential. I hope wherever he lands, the coaches simultaneously develop him as a QB and deploy him in weird ways that push the envelope of strategy.

In their latest mock draft, the folks at WF currently have Tebow going No. 10 to the Jaguars -- kudos to them for reflecting "reality" in their mock, rather than irrelevant grades from scouts.

Sometimes it's about best player available. Sometimes it's about filling a need. Sometimes it's about organizational fit. And sometimes -- very rarely -- it's about marketing.

(Here's a mailbag from WF, defending the pick along those lines.)

Tim Tebow was an anomaly as a college football phenomenon and he will be an anomaly as an NFL draft prospect. He may very well be an anomaly as a player, too.

To wit: When was the last time you heard of a prospect compared to a cross between an immobile QB and an oversized RB? (By the way, isn't that Daunte Culpepper in his early years?)

By the way: Next week around here will be wall-to-wall NFL Draft coverage -- specifically focused on the Senior Bowl, where Tebow will be THE player to watch. In case you still don't think that the college mania translates to the pros, just watch how insane the Tebow coverage will be next week.

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  1. I have another comparison -- a white Jim Brown. Both were called Superman in their era, too. If you look at pictures of them it's uncanny how similar their physique's are.