Thursday, January 7, 2010

NFL Tebow: Agent, Senior Bowls, Bills?

Is Tim Tebow picking an agent this week? That's the word from Tim Tebow's brother, Robby (via OS's Jeremy Fowler).

Presumably under guidance from an agent -- I'm betting Tom Condon -- Tebow is also going to decide if he's going to play in the Senior Bowl or East-West Shrine games.

I'm betting no on both. Tebow's agent will want his public displays to be more tightly controlled, and it's not like playing or not playing in those games will not impact his draft status -- at all.

That's a good segue: Fowler lists his Top 5 teams most likely to draft Tebow -- four are in the Top 11, in which case playing in those showcases REALLY can't help.

5. Seahawks
4. Redskins
3. Pats
2. Jaguars
1. Bills

Fowler's assumption for all but the Pats is that Tebow can and will eventually be a starting QB in the NFL. I'm not sold on that yet -- I think he absolutely could be, with a couple years of training. But he is just as likely to spend his first few years as some kind of all-purpose "superback" that takes the Wildcat QB role and evolves it into something new and more potent.

The biggest issue is whether the Redskins (4th), the Seahawks (6th) or the Bills (9th) would be willing to use a Top 10 1st-round pick on a player who is possibly a starting QB down the road or possibly some kind of part-timeQB/full-time superback (if the coach has the courage and creativity to use him that way). The Jags are a complete outlier, strategically. And the Patriots, picking in the late 20s, would absolutely grab Tebow if he fell that far.

To Fowler's point that the Bills are the most likely destination, my question is this: Has Tebow ever played in game temperatures less than 50 degrees? How about 30? How about in the snow, like we saw last weekend? How about in the winds that make throwing in Buffalo a hassle? Serious factors.

Isn't all this speculation more fun than "Play!" or "Don't Play!" against LSU?

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  1. The tempature might be an issue initially (he will adjust), but I like him at Buffalo. His game will translate well to the conditions. And the team is looking to regain its winning image, and with a couple of years experience, I am quite sure he will be able to deliver.

    And maybe if he went to the Bills I might finally get to see him play live, and the incredulous looks I receive while wearing my Tebow shirts might stop.