Monday, January 18, 2010

NFL Tebow: 49ers in the Mix?

Peter King had his eye on Tim Tebow a few weeks ago, even if his "how can you pass on this guy?" was mitigated by saying he wouldn't let him slip later... than 40th -- hardly an endorsement.

We know the conventional wisdom about who might take Tebow -- Jaguars, Redskins, Bills, Patriots. This week, King wants to add another team to the mix: The 49ers.
I think, if I had to guess right now, I'd say the best shot for Tim Tebow on draft day is San Francisco, at number 13. No proof. No solid evidence. Just this: The Niners gave a tepid endorsement to Alex Smith as their quarterback of 2010 after the season; and Mike Singletary didn't draft him; and Singletary is going to fall in love with Tebow once he meets him after the season; and Tebow is the kind of winner that Singletary has preached he wants since he took the job from Mike Nolan in mid-2008. After Singletary meets Tebow at the Scouting Combine, this is my prediction of his reaction: He'll turn to GM Scot McCloughan and say, "That's my guy. We've got to have him.''
Let me point out a few things to undermine King's theory:

*I find it very difficult to believe that the 49ers would draft (and pay) another QB in the 1st round so soon after Smith -- particularly a Meyer protege. Plus: If the team thinks Smith is its QB of the present and, presumably, future, why would they draft his eventual replacement?

*Urban Meyer has been extremely critical of the way that the NFL has mis-used Smith throughout his career -- and that means the 49ers. To the extent that Meyer will help -- or want to help -- Tebow avoid Smith's issues, he will steer him clear of San Francisco.

*Every team -- not just the 49ers -- will be blown away by Tebow during the interview process. King's logic could apply to the Colts and Saints, for crying out loud. That doesn't mean that any of them will draft him off of that interview, especially if they already have a pricey QB in place.

*The simplest of all explanations: The Jaguars pick a few slots ahead of the 49ers at No. 13, and there's no way the Jags let Tebow slip past them -- to 13th or anywhere else.


  1. Agreed with all of this except the third bullet -- some teams will be more susceptible to Tebow's charms than others. I say this about Singletary in the nicest way I can, but he's the guy who wears a giant wooden cross on his neck on the sidelines. You can see him falling in love with Tebow's particular brand of character more than, say, Rex Ryan would. (Not that Rex Ryan's a Satanist or something. But he strikes me as a little less ... spiritual.)

  2. I hope you're right Dan.

  3. As soon as you said 49ers all I could picture was Singletary LOVING Tim, not just for his ability to lead a team, not just for his toughness, but ESPECIALLY because of both men sharing such a strong devotion to their faith.

    Now, I think Peter King usually gets this kind of stuff right so we might all become Niner fans here soon.

    Dan, what kind of a following do you think Tim would have on the west coast? Seems to me (and clearly I could be wrong) he'd just be some other football player on that coast. Am I way out of my mine?

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