Friday, January 22, 2010

Draft Tebow: Buzz Continues to Build

First this morning, there was the report in the Tennessean about the rave reviews Tim Tebow is getting in his private workout facility in Franklin, Tennessee.

Now, add a report from's Len Pasquarelli, giving air time to a perspective directly at odds with his colleagues Mel Kiper and Todd McShay.

Pasquarelli provides an unambiguous platform for Ken Herock, who runs a pre-draft clinic for players to prepare for combine interviews. Herock also has long experience as an NFL scout. Listen:
"He's by far the best [prospect] with whom I've ever worked. He walks into a room and he just energizes it. Whatever 'it' is, he's definitely got 'it.' & Even for a guy like me, who's done this for so long, you almost get goosebumps."
There you go. Now, Tebow is Herock's client, so it's fair to say that Herock was going to be positive. But this is beyond positive. More:
"His release might be a little low at this point, but a lot of people talked about Philip Rivers' delivery too before he was drafted, and look at what he's done. I've heard all the supposed [negatives]. But I watched [Tebow] on the field and his velocity is good enough, and so is his accuracy. As far as his learning, you don't have to tell him anything twice. And he's a student of the game. I recommended that he watch some tapes of Steve Young, and he said, 'Oh, I've already done that.' He wants to be good. He wants to succeed. And he will succeed."
From the pre-Senior Bowl buzz that is already building, it is obvious that the strategic decision by Tebow to participate will pay off huge. If the last few weeks -- if not last few months -- was dominated by "Who knows?" at best and "Meh" at worst (McShay/Kiper), we are about to see not just "exceeds (low) expectations," but flat-out "yes, he can play; yes, he's worth a 1st."

That will be the meme coming out of next week in Mobile. That will be the talking point. As I wrote earlier today, that is the benefit of the low expectations to start.

As I have also said repeatedly over the months of draft discussion, it is going to be fascinating to see all the doubters/haters walk back their criticism to fall in line with conventional wisdom, rather than keeping themselves out there against it.

They will almost certainly use the Senior Bowl to start that process.

The draftniks are not dumb -- they know they can't be too far outside the mainstream. There is interesting contrarianism, and then there is looking foolish. Draftniks -- like all pundits -- have a supreme weakness: Fear of looking like a fool.

And thus conventional wisdom is generated....

(h/t: OnlyGators)


  1. "it is going to be fascinating to see all the doubters/haters walk back their criticism to fall in line with conventional wisdom, rather than keeping themselves out there against it."

    McShay's already started doing that. In Dec he was still saying that Tebow would never be a starting NFL QB. Then in early Jan, he did a segment in which he included people who were both pro & con Tebow's NFL capability & was sounding more objective about TT's prospects. Typically, the guy who was most anti-Tebow was some ex-NFL desk jockey. The people who were very pro-Tebow were winners, incl Archie Manning & Troy Aikman. Winners tend to think highly of TT's ability. Wannabes & also-rans usually don't.

    Kiper seems to dislike Tebow personally, so if he starts changing his tune, that will be a clear sign Tebow's about to do very well.

  2. Superbowl winning coaches such as Dungy and Gruden also believe in Tim's ability to play in the NFL. Tim is a winner, and I have no doubt he will play and succeed as a quarterback in the NFL So to Kiper ,McShay and all naysayers, TT will prove you all wrong.

  3. All these naysayers are just fuel for Timmy's fire. He is laughing at them all. He will make them eat their words.
    Laugh all the way to the bank Timmy. I know you will have a long NFL QB career. If anyone can do it, you can and I can't wait.

  4. Wow, love that quote. "He walks into a room and just energizes it.... you almost get goosebumps." And apparently that works on a large scale as well, judging by your favorite quote about how he's like Roy Hobbes in The Natural.