Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dr. Phil Is a BIG Tebow Fan

Dedicated Tebow-watchers have seen a lot of things over the years, but new territory was staked out on Monday: Dr. Phil -- yes, THE Dr. Phil -- wrote a blog post about Tebow.

Needless to say, Dr. Phil is a big fan:
I cannot tell you how outraged I get when I read some of the snarky sportswriters and hear sportscasters who make fun of Tebow for being such a goody-two shoes guy. Come on, can’t we just celebrate someone who does it right? Have we become that ridiculously cynical as a society that the only thing that sells is scandal, to the point that parts of the media actually resent a genuinely good guy?
I totally agree -- most sports columnists who bash Tebow (a) don't get it, (b) are almost assuredly doing it to be contrarian, and (c) really are helplessly cynical, which isn't a good thing.

Then the Dr. gets prescriptive:
Please, all you parents who are looking for a role model for your children, I recommend that you introduce them to the world of Tim Tebow. He’s really a role model for all of us.
I think what's key here is that parents -- and I am the parent of two young boys -- takeaway the more secular or humanistic values of Tebow: Hard work, commitment, leadership, relationships.

To me, that's where his real value as a role model lies. Obviously, Tebow has his specific ways he applies those things, both on and off the field. But they are essential characteristics or values for anyone who wants to be well-adjusted and make a contribution.

But, really: It was surreal to read that post from Dr. Phil about Tebow. Here's betting that Tebow makes an appearance on the Dr. Phil Show sometime before the NFL Draft.

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