Thursday, January 7, 2010

Could Tim Tebow Host Saturday Night Live?

When I heard that Saturday Night Live was using Charles Barkley as a host, my first reaction was wondering whether they first tried to get Tim Tebow, now that he's eligible for something like that. He is certainly a big enough star in the sports world, and there's plenty of material for sketches. (To say the least -- I mean, the bris sketch writes itself.) I wonder if SNL inquired into Tebow's availability.


  1. O M G, O M G Dan - don't tease me like that. Look, if Payton can do it, and Barkley (?), why not Timmy? Fortunately he's not above self deprecating humor so why not?

  2. OMG.. I was thinking about ths the other day.
    When I heard that Charles Barkley was hosting, I said to myself. Why not Timmy? He could do that. He'd be great!!

    I hope I dont have to wait too long. I am having some serious Timmy Tebow withdrawl. I need me some Timmy!!

    Ok.. now I really need to get back to work..

  3. If his performance in the videos are any indication, he'd probably very good.