Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brand Tebow: How Marketable? Very

I am a huge fan (and friend) of CNBC's Darren Rovell -- best sports-busines reporter out there -- but I think he seriously undersells Tim Tebow's marketing potential in this post. Florida-based sponsorships? What: Like local car dealerships and banks?

*Tebow will be EA's cover guy for NCAA Football 2011.

*He will have high-end Nike and Gatorade endorsements by the time we get to the draft.

*He will be sought after by every major sponsor that still wants to be in the athlete-sponsorship game, in a way like no NFL rookie ever -- and, in all of sports, not seen since LeBron.

*His draft position will not reflect his marketing potential, even if he isn't in the 1st round. (He's not slipping past the Jags at No. 10 anyway.)

*Tebow's marketing appeal bears more resemblance to a NASCAR driver than a football player. No one is buying Sony TVs because Peyton Manning is playing Ping-Pong with Justin Timberlake. But NASCAR fans of Jimmie Johnson are going to Lowe's instead of Home Depot.

*To define Tebow's appeal as merely regional or limited by his lack of standing in the NFL defies two things: (1) his emergence as the most popular and talked-about college football player of all time, and (2) his national appeal to the evangelical Christian community.


  1. If the news reports of his super bowl ad for Focus on the Family are correct it appears Tim has chosen to market himself as a right wing a-hole.

    I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he isn't aware that Focus on the Family is a bunch of extremist, reactionary religious hucksters. Maybe some reporter or blogger can question can press Saint Tim and ask if he supports all of their views. Are you up for it, Dan?

  2. "He will be sought after by every major sponsor that still wants to be in the athlete-sponsorship game, in a way like no NFL rookie ever"

    Tim won't be sought after if those sponsors start fearing boycotts of their products b/c of his socio-political activism.

    Tim can either fulfill his dream of making a pile of money that he can use to help people in need OR he can make public statements about the cultural issues of the day. Easy's comment above is exhibit A that he won't be able to do both.

  3. Cant we just wait until he actually gets drafted. I know he will sell in the south. But there are also big markets like the west coast and east. In NY not alot of people know about Tim Tebow. When he makes his mark in the NFL and be a winner then he can be marketable. Brady Quinn was marketable.... now I dont even see his Myoplex ads!!