Thursday, December 3, 2009

Welcome, Yahoo Front Page Readers

For those coming over to for the first time, having seen my "Tebow's legacy" column on Yahoo's front page, then clicked over to see what this blog was all about: Welcome! is a site dedicated to comprehensively covering the Tim Tebow phenomenon this season -- and into his NFL future (whatever that might be). It might seem obsessive to focus exclusively on Tebow, but no athlete this year has commanded as much attention -- and, as you'll see, there has been more than enough material to keep the site cranking along.

If you look around (try the archive on the right), you'll see 500+ posts created over the last 5 months since the site launched -- everything from analysis of Tebow's on-field performances to what is happening off the field to curation of the most interesting content being created about Tebow, from mainstream journalists and bloggers, alike.

Obviously, this week there is a lot to talk about related to Saturday's SEC title game and what that might mean for Tebow's legacy; the lead-up to the Heisman ceremony in 10 days; end-of-year and end-of-decade awards and superlatives that Tebow is in the running for; and the steady flow of coverage related to Tebow's NFL Draft prospects.

Please take a deep dive while you're here, and come back daily for anywhere between 3-7 posts -- all about Tebow, all the time. If you find the topic of Tebow interesting, you won't find a site more dedicated to covering the story. (And if you have friends who are Tebow fans, please let them know about the site.)

The season is wrapping up, but there is still plenty to cover -- this weekend and beyond.

Thanks for visiting, and hope you find the site as interesting as I have found to edit.

-- Dan Shanoff

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