Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top Tebow Moments: Also Receiving Votes

Just minutes from releasing the post with the No. 1 moment of Tim Tebow's career. (If you go back through the rest of the list, it isn't hard to figure out.)

Picking top Tebow moments is a fun game in the final days of his Florida career. The Times-Union has a good list, including a couple of moments/events that either were "also receiving votes" on my list or baked into the existing ranking. And one controversial one.

If I was expanding my list from Top 10 to Top 15, there would be a good chance these would make the list:

*I do love the "30 minutes!" speech from the 2008 national title game; another classic Tebow moment of inspiration.

(As a corollary, how about his "speech" to the College GameDay basketball crew? That was a nice moment for Tim -- slightly awkward for Hubert Davis.)

*I love "4th-and-1" against Tennessee his freshman year, a season-saving play and perhaps the first real "Tebow time" moment of his Florida career.

*And I agree: Senior Day was an incredibly special moment, almost the bookend to "I'm Coming Back."

*Passing Herschel
was a good one, because it gave Tebow a definitive claim on the title of the SEC's greatest player ever.

*Winning the Heisman is a biggie -- I would actually include that as part of my existing "20/20" entry.

The AP has a list, too, and it has one thing on it that I didn't have in my Top 10, but thought seriously about including -- even more than any of the others listed above: The Concussion. It certainly qualified as a defining moment of Tebow's career (and, sadly, his 2009 season). And, obviously, it was the the scariest moment of his career. But I'm not sure it would make a list of TOP Tebow moments. But I didn't want it to go unrecognized.

OK: Let's get to No. 1....

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