Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tim Tebow's Life After College

"Tebow is poised to be this generation's Wuerffel -- perhaps with a better pro career along the way. He spoke enthusiastically Monday about the future -- his lifelong goal of becoming an NFL quarterback, but also plans beyond the gridiron."

-- ESPN.com's Pat Forde, on Tim Tebow's life after college football, which will undoubtedly include more substantial (and supremely financed) commitment to charitable and community causes, as it was with his mentor, Danny Wuerffel.

As I mentioned in the previous post: Tebow will have access to resources -- both through his own marketing deals and through his prolific ability to fundraise -- that will be staggering. He will have the ability to do a tremendous amount of good... and is committed to it. Per Tebow:

"Finishing up the last game means starting a new chapter and closing another."

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