Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tim Tebow's Impact on Urban Meyer
(As Described By SI's Terrific SL Price)

What is Tim Tebow's relationship with Urban Meyer like, from Urban's perspective? What is Tim Tebow's role as Urban Meyer's -- dare I say -- role model? One answer:

"It's because Tebow, by marrying a charitable nature with an in-your-face streak, exemplifies better than anyone else Meyer knows how to be both a hard-ass and a softy."

That's from SL Price's phenomenal profile of Urban Meyer -- as, yes, "hard-ass and softy" -- in this week's Sports Illustrated. Stop what you're doing and read it. Here is a section about Meyer's relationship with Tim Tebow:

It's strange to watch Meyer talk about Gators quarterback Tim Tebow. Coaches admire certain players, of course, but whenever Tebow's name comes up, Meyer's eyes soften and he can't help but smile. He speaks without the usual coach's worry about showing favoritism or looking foolish. His wonder is unabashed, verging on cultish. "He's different from all of us," Meyer will say casually. Or, "He is my son."

Maybe this is understandable. The 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, Tebow is among the greatest players in college football history, and Meyer's success in recruiting him—a shining coup in that dark first year in Gainesville—changed plenty of lives, none more than the coach's. Used to be, Meyer talked about retiring at 50. He doesn't anymore, and in August he signed a six-year extension worth $24 million. Used to be, he didn't like his Florida squads very much, not even the one, packed with Zook holdovers, that won that first national title. Now? "I love my team," Meyer says. He says it all the time.

Tebow did that. His arrival made Meyer's life easier just when it seemed to be getting harder. He was a key piece to winning two national titles, and then, when it seemed last winter that it all might end, he made Meyer's life easier again. Tebow decided in January to return to Florida for his senior season, and "the big reason is [that] I wanted to be with Coach Meyer another year," he says. "I wanted to be loyal to him, I wanted to finish strong for him."

Tebow told Meyer just that in his office the day he decided to come back, causing Meyer's eyes to fill and the two men to hug hard. Cynics will say this is because Meyer wants to win. But it's also because Tebow, combining smashmouth aggression with brains, is the player Meyer would have loved to have been. It's because Tebow, by marrying a charitable nature with an in-your-face streak, exemplifies better than anyone else Meyer knows how to be both a hard-ass and a softy. He has made Meyer more spiritual, less anxious, and, Shelley says, he's the one person alive who can ease the sting of a loss. "He just helps Urban feel better about everything," she continues. "Urban knows Tim's in control of that team. There's a comfort in that that Urban's never had before."

Great profile. Read the whole thing here.


  1. I have a feeling that Urban may consider going to the NFL, if the team will have Tim as a quarterback but I would prefer that he stay as the Coach of UF. I would also love to see the Vikings draft Tim as Favre's understudy. Can you imagine with Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice as receivers, AP as the running back and Tim as a dual threat quarterback?Wow!

  2. This was a great article. The Meyer/Tebow relationship is sweet.

  3. I just read the book "Urban's Way", all about the life of Urban Meyer from childhood through 2007, but I feel like I got as much insight from SL Price's article as from the entire book. Partly that's because the book was a somewhat-sanitized authorized biography. But I'm sure it's also because SL Price is, as you say, terrific.