Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tim Tebow Will "Finish Strong"

"You've got to finish strong. It's the last game I'll play in as a Gator, and obviously I want to win it very badly. And so do the other seniors. We just want to leave the right way."

-- Tim Tebow, on his motivation for the Sugar Bowl.

For lots of reasons, I think the Gators are going to put on a show in the Sugar Bowl. First, I think Meyer will get them amped -- for so many key players, this is it. Second, I think that Cincy's defense isn't particularly good -- certainly not Alabama good. And I think Florida's D is unlike any Cincy has faced this season, which should give Tebow plenty of possessions.

Going out with a big game won't erase the sting of losing the SEC Championship Game, but it will allow for Florida to finish as high as 2nd and allow Tebow to go out a big winner.

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