Monday, December 21, 2009

Tim Tebow: SEC Player of the Decade

The essential SEC blog TeamSpeedKills has named Tim Tebow as the SEC's Player of the Decade. It would be difficult to name anyone else that would even make it a debate.

That Tebow would be the clear-cut best player in the best conference of the decade supports the (already strong) argument that he is the Player of the Decade in all of college football.

But let's look beyond that, at least from an SEC perspective:

Given his success -- and especially with the various records that fell this season -- Tim Tebow established himself as the greatest player in SEC history -- the oft-quoted "Move over, Herschel."

Consider trying to argue with someone in the year 2000 -- or even 2005 -- that there would be a player that would eclipse Herschel Walker at the top of the SEC's best ever. Amazing.

Certainly in terms of SEC history -- maybe college football history -- I think the decade will be remembered as "The Tebow Era." (Unless it's known, less fondly, as "The BCS Era.")

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