Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tim Tebow Reacts to Urban Meyer's Resignation

"I believe he has made the right decision for him and his family."

That was Tim Tebow's reaction to the resignation of Urban Meyer as head coach at Florida. I think it echoes what the rest of us are thinking -- but from a player who knew him as well as anyone outside his family could.

The "Tebow Era" at Florida is now necessarily intertwined with the "Meyer Era" at Florida -- Meyer got to Gainesville a year before Tebow, but his run didn't really begin until Tebow agreed to join him. The next four years were as good for any player -- and any coach -- as we have seen in college football in a generation.

If Tebow was given any say in the search for a new coach -- and he won't, but Tebow's opinion will reflect Meyer's -- I think he would support his mentor Dan Mullen being hired from Mississippi State to return to Florida. (Mullen provides philosophical continuation from Meyer. He knows the offense. And he is a Meyer loyalist.)

Meyer leaving is tough for the program -- except that a stressed-to-the-point-of-failing-health Meyer isn't a good thing for anyone... not himself, not Gator Nation. This entire season -- all the talk of "championship or bust" -- now feels like a cautionary tale for those kind of expectations. Tim Tebow was reduced to tears. Urban Meyer was driven to retirement.

Looking ahead, I think Meyer will play a much larger part in Tebow's preparation for the NFL Draft, and I wouldn't be surprised if, in this capacity, Meyer didn't try to steer NFL coaching staffs that would use him most ideally.

I'm sure Tebow is upset -- more because his mentor is going through this in his life (physically and emotionally) than because Meyer is actually leaving the program with Tebow next Friday night. As Meyer finds some distance, he will be able to relax -- so will Tebow.

But as far as the next week goes, Tebow's final college game just got a little more insane.

Let Tebow have the last word:

"I love Coach Meyer. The past four years he has been my dad away from home. We will always have a father-son relationship.
Coach loves the university, his players and the fans.... He will always be loved by me and the Gator faithful."


  1. Wow! I was absolutely floored by this news. I didn't see it coming even after the hospitalisation following the SEC game.

    It's a very sad day for the future stability of the Gators. I hope the recruiting knock on effect doesn't happen, also I hope whomever replaces him continues the winning and almost family like attitude that the team has.

    Above all, get well, and stay healthy coach!

  2. I was devastated to hear this news, and I am just a lowly Gator fan who lives in Georgia. I can't imagine what it felt like to be a member of the team hearing this news for the first time yesterday. :( Just reading Tim's comments makes me sad, because he knows how much Coach loves the Gators and coaching football. For him to walk away from all of that makes me believe his health issues are quite serious. Good Luck Coach Meyer in anything you do. You have given Gator fans so much to be thankful for during your tenure. We wish you nothing but the best, and for Gator Nation, we will be fine!

  3. Urban Meyer changed his mind. Now he's "just" taking a leave of absence.

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