Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tim Tebow: Player of the Decade in College Football (Says SI)

Tim Tebow was named the "Player of the Decade" in college football by Sports Illustrated. Needless to say: Agreed. No player combined championships, individual accomplishment, awards, off-field activity and media mythologizing in the way Tebow did.

("The Promise" earned the No. 5 spot for most memorable moments of the decade in college football. I'd argue it should be No. 1. Ten years from now, fans will vaguely remember Boise State's Statue of Liberty play -- few actually saw it live -- but everyone will recognize "The Promise.")

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  1. Whiile the Gators are my 2nd favorite college football team (behind my hometown Gophers), and Tim Tebow is my favorite college athlete of all time (and has to be top 10 or 5 on my favorite athletes at any level in any sport, I may have to disagree. I love The Promise, and think it has to be the best motivation & a great inspiration, I'd have to put Boise 1st for memorable moment. Based on the # of my friends/co-workers texting me after what seemed like every 4th quarter play, plenty of people were enjoying it live. But I did a very non-scientific text poll now of my sports loving friends over which was more memorable, and Boise won, hands down (I even, unfortunately, had a handful of responses asking what "The Promise" was...).

    This takes nothing away from Tebow though, and his amazing ability to lead & inspire, like no other player I've seen! And I'm quite certain that in Florida, he would win by a 50-1 ratio, there was something amazing about the BCS crashers pulling out the trick plays to beat mighty Oklahoma, after Ian Johnson & Jared Zebransky out-played my now beloved Viking Adrian Peterson. Besides, that set the stage for the other blue & orange underdog to leave Glendale with a win the next week!