Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tim Tebow Owns TMZ Ambush

No one -- no one -- handles the TMZ ambush interview better than Tim Tebow. He did it earlier this year, and he did it this morning, when he arrived in New York City for Heisman week. Just watch. All the questions? Shrugs them off with utter calm and composure. Classic.


  1. Thanks for posting this..
    He is just the epitome of perfection!

    I could watch him gardening, unclogging toilets, or whatever, and I would be a very happy girl <3

  2. I think he was clearly annoyed, but he really kept his composure and managed to be polite. Very impressive. Good for him.

  3. he's wonderful . . . all the celebrities out there that TMZ usually follows could learn a thing or two by watching & listening to him. his genuine goodness is truly contagious :)