Friday, December 11, 2009

Tim Tebow, Kelly Faughnan and Why Awards Don't Really Matter

Well, college football held its annual big awards bash down in Orlando last night, and Tim Tebow was shut out. No Davey O'Brien award for best QB (Colt McCoy). And no three-peat on the Maxwell for best all-around player (Colt McCoy).

Among the highlights: Tebow did get to present the Disney Spirit award (which he won last year). And he did get to appear in a reasonably funny vignette with Colt McCoy, in which Tebow showed some nice comedic timing -- more than enough for all the commercials he'll be doing in 2010.

But all that is pretty meaningless when you consider his trip up the red carpet: He escorted his date, 20-year-old Kelly Faughnan, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor a year ago and -- after having it removed -- whose biggest wish was to see Tim Tebow at the awards show this year. He did more for her than that.

"We got to meet and hang out," Tebow said. "I asked her if she wanted to walk the red carpet with me, and so it was fun. She went and got this dress today."

Faughnan, 20, lives in Clifton, Va., was diagnosed with a brain tumor just before Thanksgiving in 2008, according to her father, Jim. Her tumor was removed just before Christmas and before her surgery Kelly asked if she could go to Disney World afterwards. She also asked to go to a college football awards show to see Tebow this year.

The players were at a function on Wednesday in Disney and Tebow spotted her wearing a "I love Timmy button." An ESPN producer saw her, talked to her and asked if she would like to meet him. He ended up spending 45 minutes with her and then invited Kelly to attend the show with him.
I swear, this is what drives me nuts about folks who claim to "hate" Tebow: When you read about that, how in the world can you hate him? I guarantee you that taking Kelly to the show meant more to him than winning an award. Way more.

More from the story:
Since he had a date on his arm, Tebow couldn't sign autographs when he walked through the pre-show on ESPNU. Rather than go inside the building, he turned around and went back and walked through the crowd a second time by himself, so he could sign autographs for anyone who wanted one.
We can talk all about "Triumphalist Tebow" when he wins or "Tragic Tebow" when he loses (or even "Teary Tebow," from the past week), but here is my favorite:

"Typical Tebow."

And sometimes that's for when he bulls into the end-zone. Sometimes that's for when he tries to incite the crowd. But, most times, it's when he is working in the community and doing things exactly like he did last night.


  1. How do you not love a man like this?

    Tim Tebow is the ONLY man I would ever consider leaving my husband for!! Sorry Honey..
    My husband is a good sport :) He knows of my Timmy infatuation, and for the past 3 or so years, he refers to him as my boyfriend!!
    But besides of how beautiful Tim is on the outside, the way he plays football, the way he holds himself, the way his uniform hugs every inch of his perfect form, he is just so amazing inside and out.
    There are no words... I just love him!!!

  2. He is ridiculously sweet and caring.

  3. I pray that this man stays rooted in his love for God. That he continually seeks humility and rightousness. And that as he steps into the professional world that his faith and love deepen.

  4. To all the haters...I feel sorry for you. You don't know what you are missing in admiring this wonderful young man. I am honored to have been able to watch him play football, and am in awe of what an amazing young man and Christian he is. God Bless Tim in his endeavors. He is truly one of the best.

  5. He is the best guy Ive seen..... He is my hero!!!!!