Friday, December 18, 2009

Tim Tebow Graduates! Tim Tebow Graduates!

The headline to this post is, of course, an homage to the famous "Beverly Hills 90210" episode where the catch-phrase "Donna Martin Graduates!" became the signature moment of the show.

There is no such drama for Tim Tebow, who will graduate from the University of Florida this weekend with a degree in Family, Youth and Community Sciences.

He graduates with a slew of academic awards, not the least of which is his status as three-time Academic All-American of the Year and, this season, the "academic Heisman" (the Campbell Award).

Given his commitment to community service, you get the sense that if his football career ended tomorrow, Tebow would be able to take his degree and his skills and be really successful.

Mostly, there is the symbolism: He had his final homecoming game. He had his final home game at The Swamp. He had his final SEC game. He will play his final college football game in 2 weeks.

And then there is this:

As of this weekend, Tim Tebow is no longer a student at the University of Florida. He is a graduate of the University of Florida. He is an alum, perhaps the proudest one ever.

He leaves behind a legacy as a student that is unmatched in the school's history.

There's this great ad the school produced that ran the past couple of years -- not this year -- where various Gators (past, present and future) walk past each other in friendly greeting and say stuff like "Go to Mars," "Go cure cancer" and "Go write the Great American Novel."

It's all a clever reference to the universal greeting and goodbye between Gator fans -- and particularly Gator students and alumni: "Go Gators."

It's fair to wonder what Tim Tebow's "Go..." moment will be.

"Go be an NFL quarterback..."
"Go be a community leader..."
"Go become a football coach..."
"Go be Governor of Florida..."

Between his skills and his fame, Tim Tebow has the unique opportunity -- perhaps among any Florida graduate ever -- to "Go" do something with massive impact on society: Entertain, lead, set an example.

That's my "commencement address" to Tebow and the (December) Class of 2009.

(Why do I think that the class would vote to have Tebow address them, if they could?)


  1. This post of yours got me a little choked up. Timmy graduating is kind of a bitter sweet moment for me. I will miss him. Gator Nation won't be the same with out him. I will follow him and his career where ever he goes.

    And this is all coming from a Jewish girl from Boston...

  2. Well said, Heidi! And from another Jewish female, I'd like to say "mazel tov!" to Tim on his graduation and all his accomplishments. BTW, I got a kick out of Tim's visit to the Carnegie Deli in NYC, which was shown on last week's Heisman presentation show. Tim Tebow meets a pastrami sandwich--imagine that!

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