Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tim Tebow As The New Vince Young

Continuing today's theme of Tim Tebow and Vince Young, let's move away from comparing their college careers and expand on yesterday's discussion comparing their pro careers. This from my former ESPN.com colleague Gregg "TMQ" Easterbrook:
Young is now on a 9-0 streak as a starter. Let's hope Tim Tebow has him on commission, as Young likely has earned Tebow millions of dollars in bonus money lately. TMQ noted last week that Young's victories will raise Tebow's draft status, since Young is the NFL player most similar to Tebow. As recently as September, draftniks Mel Kiper and Todd McShay were predicting Tebow would go no higher than the second round of the 2010 "selection meeting" -- McShay forecast that Tebow could fall as far as the fourth round. Why? Purists haven't seen Tebow perform in the pocket, and think big guys who look more like tight ends than quarterbacks can't win consistently in the NFL. Suddenly a big guy who looks more like a tight end than a quarterback is on a 9-0 tear in the NFL. If Young keeps winning, Tebow could rocket up to the top five picks in the 2010 draft. Tim -- send Vince a case of champagne!
Ignore Kiper and McShay, whose personal opinions will ultimately have to be reconciled with information coming from GMs that Tebow has moved into the 1st round -- it is more important for them to be in the ballpark on their mock drafts than it is to correctly forecast a player's NFL future. (They will continue to insist on his shortcomings, thus hedging on his prospects.)

Young isn't quite the appropriate analogue -- VY throws a better ball, Tebow has more potential as a between-the-tackles runner. But it's more than Easterbrook's superficial comparison.

Let's re-emphasize yesterday's caveats: This is Young's 4th season in the league -- it has taken him this long to establish some form of mastery. Young also performs in a system tailor-made for his strengths. Oh, and he plays next to the best all-purpose player in the league, who scares defenses so much that they give VY plenty of room to work as a passer.

Between the time to develop, the favorable scheme he plays in and the all-world talent around him, let's hope Tebow gets that kind of chance. In all honesty, it seems like a lot to ask for.

When Tebow is in the pros, I will keep reminding people about the multiple necessary conditions that proved invaluable to Vince Young's success.


  1. I still think the vikings could use Tebow. Tebow+Favre as mentor + Peterson+Harvin = good offense. We all know Favre can't play forever, he might as well become a mentor for an upcoming player. We have seen that some of these TE type QBs need some time to adjust in the NFL, Young, Russel, etc.

  2. I don't think VY throws a better long ball than Tebow. Also.. Vince was nowhere near the passer in college Tebow has been. And Tebow has faced far tougher defenses than Vince faced as well. Tebow and Vince also runs the 40 in the same time, too.

  3. I think that no matter what, the success of Young and Alex Smith (who had a break out game after spreading it out) will increase Tim's draft stock.