Saturday, December 5, 2009

"They Were Just a Better Team Than Us"

"They were just a better team than us."

-- Tim Tebow, tearful on the field following Florida's loss to Alabama.

That sums it up better than anyone ever could in hundreds or thousands of extra words. Much much more coming, obviously.

Very very disappointing. To say the least.


  1. Disapointing to say the least, but it makes you appreciate the championships even more because they don't come around every year. It's also why all the accolades Tebow has racked up are so impressive because multiple national championships, SEC championships, heisman finalits, etc is legendary.

  2. So much to be said, so little inclination to do so, right now. Even before reading his poignant words (I left the game-party after the interception and I'm not interested in the postmortems--all too obvious what went wrong), bad as I felt, soaked in frustration and disappointment, I felt worse for Tim. I don't care what anyone else thinks about this: Tim Tebow is the one Gator who DESERVES to live his dream. However, that was always dependent upon a lot of other people, the team he loves and leads so well. That we know he thinks he let his team down, rather than the other way around, THAT'S Tim Tebow. There'll be other days, other championships, but here and now and from this point forward, just because there IS a Tim Tebow I, in addition to being unendingly proud of him, will remain unwaveringly PROUD TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR.

  3. I was disappointed with the loss, but it did not diminish of how proud I am of Tim Tebow as a person and football player. They played against a much better prepared Alabama team today. There is nothing to be ashamed of this loss.It was just a game and as all games, you win some and lose some. We should support and encourage our team and refrain from the blaming the coaches and players for the loss.They played their hearts out. I am confident that Tim will lead the GATORS to a BCS bowl victory. GO GATORS!!!

  4. I am So Proud to be a fan of Tim Tebow and Florida Gators. It breaks my heart to see him cry. Timmy should hold his head high for all that he has accomplished. In the scheme of things, it is just a game, but I am extremely disappointed with the loss. I am so looking forward to see what the future has in store for this man and it's going to be a great ride. Go Timmy!!!

  5. "So the presumption is that when Tebow leads Florida to the national title this season, he will pass Young as the best player of the decade."

    Tebow is on track to bookend two great (but not spectacular) national-title-winning seasons with two of the best seasons a QB has ever had

    But I accept the challenge: Let's plan to revisit the discussion once and for all, the morning after the national-title game.

    Ready to eat your words and revisit the discussion?