Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tebow vs. Alabama: What Happened?

There are plenty of post-mortems about the SEC championship game debacle, and I had been waiting for Alligator Army's take. Of the many factors, Tim Tebow's performance led the list -- and A.A. had a fascinating theory on the foundations for the failure:
Tebow was pulled in more directions this season. He wasn't just Tim Tebow, quarterback, Florida. He was a missionary, preacher, charity leader, university representative, oh and this was his senior year of college. Everyone is stretched thin in their senior year of school either because of school demands, the pressure of post-graduation or relationships. Tebow had all of that plus everything listed above. The problem is that Tebow wouldn't have it any other way. This season, I have a hard time thinking that everything else surrounding him didn't contribute to his actions on the field.
There's a lot more that A.A. unpacks (read it all) about the Gators' "Fatal Flaws," and by no means does it dwell on Tebow. But the fact that the analysis led with Tebow speaks to his symbolic and literal importance for the team this season.

For what it's worth, I'm not sure I agree with A.A. Tebow had plenty of distractions a year ago, and things went fine. And while others (cough-Dunlap-cough) were plenty distracted, I can't believe that Tebow wasn't close to obsessed with winning the SEC and a national title.

A.A. finds firmer footing in connecting Tebow's trouble to missing Dan Mullen, plus a season-long lack of chemistry with (and lack of direction from) Steve Addazio, whose struggles as offensive coordinator made Mullen look like the most brilliant mind that has ever coached in college football.

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