Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tebow on Meyer: Nevermind!

Well, now THAT was a whole lot about nothing, wasn't it?

Urban Meyer isn't leaving Florida. He is taking a "leave of absence" that will likely not last past August of 2010 -- if not spring practice.

Tim Tebow was at Urban Meyer's press conference today to talk about his non-resignation, and Tebow was the smoothest participant of the group, which included Tebow, Meyer, AD Jeremy Foley and defensive captain Ryan Stamper. The topic? All Meyer.

This was the best quote from Tebow:
"When he told us that he was coming back, you could see a little bit more joy came into his eyes and came to his face, and it just got brighter. And that’s what I remember most. When he’s around the people he loves and he’s talking about his family, he lights up, and that’s what was very special about today."
That said, the entire episode wasn't without some pain for Tebow: "Was very hurtful to me...seeing him struggle...hit me like a ton of bricks." (h/t AA)

After Meyer finished the barrage of questions, leave it to Tebow to put it all in perspective:

"We want him to do what's best for him. We want him to get himself right, and when he's right then come back to coaching, then get back into ball."

And this:

"I admire him for the decisions he’s made. As a team we support him, as Gator Nation we support him. I think he’s making the best decision."

This is going to be a fun rest of the week. Tim Tebow's college career ends in five days.

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