Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tebow NOT All-SEC: Cynical or Just Crazy?

I'm trying to decide if SEC blogger Chris Low left Tim Tebow off his all-SEC team to be intentionally contrarian and get attention or whether he really believes that Ryan Mallett deserves it more than Tebow.

But that means he is either calculating and cynical or earnest and crazy. Neither is good.

I'm inclined to believe he sincerely thinks that Mallett is better -- or had a better season -- than Tebow. I appreciate the novel viewpoint as much as anyone, but his pick doesn't hold up.

(And I'm not saying that as a Mallett-hater: I think that if he declared for the NFL Draft this season -- as he should -- he would be the top-ranked QB prospect on the board, perhaps grading out even higher than Matt Stafford.)


  1. Pot, meet kettle.

    You've made a career out of making posting cartoonishly contrarian statements with the sole purpose of generating attention.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. Jars, you're not being fair. Dan also made a career out of inventing the most. original. syntax. ever. He also invented THE STUPIDEST USE OF HYPERBOLE OF THE DECADE. Give credit where credit is due.

  3. Good point, SPENCER. And just like that, we've set a new records for comments on one of Dan's blogs!!

  4. Also, Dan, Matt Stafford graduated last year. He plays on Sundays in silver and blue now. I know you're such a devoted Gators fan (and have been since you were 37 years old, yay!!) that you probably don't watch the NFL so I thought I'd help you out.

  5. It irks me how "crazy" Chris Low is for voting Mallett ahead of The Chosen One.

    How dare Low (who works the SEC Beat, not the Tebow Beat) rank the SEC's leader in Passing Yards, Touchdowns, Passing Efficiency, and Total Offense as the league's top quarterback.

    He surely should have put the fella who ranked 8th in passing yards and got worked in the SEC Championship game #1!!!

  6. Spencer, I think we are all aware that Matt Stafford graduated (or left school for the draft..I'm not actually sure which he did). And it's pretty funny that you decide to point out that Dan has been a Gator since he 'was 37 years old' like that makes him any less of a fan or something.

    Jars, I'm pretty sure that Mr. Shanoff had a career before he created the timteblog. If anyone should be ashamed it's you, you came here with the sole purpose of being negative and creating some sort of 'drama'. And Tebow may have gotten 'worked' in the SEC Championship game, at least he was there, which is more than Mallet can say.

  7. Esteemed Brittany,

    First of all, I figured that "Mr. Shanoff" knew that Stafford plays on Sundays. That said, he didn't make very good use of the English language to show that he knew. Secondly, it ABSOLUTELY makes him less of a fan to pick UF as his favorite team in middle age. I remember the blog post where he decreed that the Gators were his squad after a trip to Gainesville. I believe it was just a couple of years ago. Being a fan of a team from your youth is one thing. Picking a team that is poised to multiple national championships (after you've spent your entire career as a sports writer) reeks of front-running. Immediately writing as if you have bled blue and orange your entire life is the height of laziness. A huge part of being a fan is living through the ups and (much more often) the downs. That's why ultimately winning is such a thrill -- because you feel like you worked your way there. Jumping on a bandwagon 18 months before a trophy is hoisted is for poseurs and those who want to say they like sports more than they actually like them.

    And believe me, Jars was well aware that Dan had a career before this blog. We both were. Dan used to write a painfully inane blog on's Page 2 where he treated every overnight piece of news as if it were the most incredible thing that had ever happened. I've masochistically followed his writing for years now. Calling out Shanoff for hypocritically criticizing someone for being contrarian for its own sake is both spot-on and overdue.

  8. I chuckle when I think about all of the heat that Spurrier - or his staff, better yet - got for leaving tammy off the pre-season All-SEC ballot.

  9. Spencer, I don't know, personally I understood very clearly what he was trying to say about Mallet and Stafford. You are assuming that he only started liking the Gators because they were bound to win National Championships, but in all actuality you have no idea why he started liking them. (They are a pretty likable team even without all the winning.) While your opinion is that you cannot choose a team to support if you are middle aged, mine is that so long as you actually care about the team than it doesn't matter if you've liked them since you were five or since five minutes ago.

    Also, I know you said that you 'masochistically' follow his writing but why don't you..ya know, just stop. If it bothers you so badly why come to his website and make yourself miserable? It just doesn't make sense, unless of course you want to instigate something.

  10. I say this as a Florida fan, and a Tebow fan.

    Pretty much everything Spencer's saying is absolutely correct. Dan has written elsewhere about his fairweather fandom, and even gone so far as to imply that his brand of rooting interest is superior to those who actually graduated from UF, or who have a geographical basis for supporting them.

    That said, Spencer appears to be a fan of Bill Simmons, which kind of invalidates everything else he's said. What kind of mouth-breathing troglodyte thinks Bill Fucking Simmons is even a little bit less terrible than Shanoff is? Jesus Christ.