Friday, December 11, 2009

Tebow In New York: On Heisman, NFL, More

So Tim Tebow is back in New York after a quick trip back to Florida for last night's awards show. Today, he fielded questions from the media as part of the group of Heisman finalists.

I'll be updating here with reports from his interview session.

*Tebow said he will throw for scouts at the NFL combine. I love that he is fearless about that; even if he needs work, let them see where he is -- let a team draft him knowing everything. (h/t: Volin, Fowler)

*I understand why he noted he was advised not to lift at the combine -- it will mess up his throwing -- but I was looking forward to Tebow smashing the combine bench-press record for QBs. (h/t: Volin)

*Tebow has high hopes for Florida in 2010: "Few positions left to reload, but a lot of positions are back and prob better than ever" (h/t: Fowler)

(Hmm: Does he think that the QB position will be better than ever with John Brantley? WRs should be deeper, RBs should be better, TE is a problem, OL is up in the air aside from Xavier Nixon -- it depends on the Pounceys' NFL decision.)

*Tebow said he wished he had a chance to play USC, Texas and Penn State -- the traditional powers. I think Florida would have beaten any of the three in any of Tebow's four years (except USC in 2007). (h/t: Fowler)

*On his Heisman shot: "I'm a competitor so I would love to win. That would be really cool, but I don't think I will" (h/t: Volin)

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