Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tebow: "I Let Some People Down"

"[P]ersonally I felt like I let some people down, and that’s very heartbreaking for me. We had dreamed all year long about winning that SEC championship game and getting that opportunity to go to Pasadena and play for it all. And that was our goal, and we fell a little bit short and that was very disappointing."

-- Tim Tebow, on ESPN's "First Take" this morning, about the SEC championship game.

I don't think Tebow, individually, let people down. You win games and you lose games. Was the loss crushingly disappointing? Absolutely. I suspect that Tebow himself is far more disappointed than any fan ever could be. But to the extent that the fans feel let down by the game's result, it was a comprehensive contribution from everyone -- players, coaches and even fans.

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  1. He's an inveterate people-pleaser, one of the reasons I like him, but it probably means that losses like that one torture him even more than they torture most star players.