Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tebow Heisman Watch: Meyer's Case

Urban Meyer made the case for Tim Tebow as the nation's best college football player, to my colleagues at Sporting News:
With a high-profile position like quarterback at University of Florida, if you have anyone other than a Tim Tebow -- a high-character, unselfish person -- I am not sure we could have accomplished what we've accomplished since our staff has been here.

Tim is an extremist. He doesn't just lift weights. He wants to break the school record in the bench press. When he takes a snap, he doesn't just want to read the defensive end. He wants to hurdle him, do cartwheels and score a touchdown.

The thing that makes him different than any player I've been around is his drive, his toughness, his competitiveness. Tim doesn't back down from anybody. Tim wakes up every morning and tries to get better at his job. He's as competitive a human being as I've ever been around.

His unselfishness and his mission outside of college football are unparalleled. The impact he's made, it's almost like selflessness is now a cool thing.
Nothing new if you've listened to Meyer about Tebow... well, for four years. But it is a terrific summary of Tebow's best traits from the person who knows him as well as anyone.

Tebow is not going to win the Heisman this year, but it is unprecedented in this era that he is a three-time finalist. And he is for the reasons that Meyer describes.

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