Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tebow Heisman Watch: Finalist Status Secure?

Tim Tebow is 1st in the USA Today straw poll, 2nd on the Scripps-Howard straw poll and No. 4 on the straw poll.

I think it is safe to assume that Tebow will be a finalist, when they are announced next Monday.

Colt McCoy leads the two straw polls Tebow doesn't -- and he remains the favorite, despite what are arguably inflated stats produced by playing uniformly mediocre defenses.

The fact is: The voters love a couple things about him: (1) "Lifetime achievement" and (2) Texas is undefeated. McCoy also benefits from regional bias against Tebow out West and in the Southwest (and a split vote between Tebow and Ingram in the Southeast and East).

Mark Ingram is ahead of Tebow in the HP poll, but that figures to flip-flop when Tebow leads Florida past Alabama this weekend.

Toby Gerhart is still among the top 4, and it would be nice to see him get an invite to New York.

To review: Tim Tebow is trying to become the first player ever to be a three-time Heisman finalist and the first player since Archie Griffin to win two Heismans.

In order to pass McCoy, Tebow would need McCoy to lose against Nebraska on Saturday, then turn around with his own win against Alabama.

If Tebow has a spectacular performance against Alabama in what should be the most-watched game of the year in college football, he has an outside shot at nudging past McCoy at the finish.

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  1. If for some inexplicable reason Tebow doesn't win the He15man, i'll only be happy if Gerhart picks it up. I don't understand why McCoy is garnering all this 'Career vote' talk. Heck if you're voting on careers, Tebow's career surely deserves a second right?! :o)

    Keep up the great blog (and here's hoping you keep it running after the Gator chapter!!!!)