Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tebow Draft Watch: Simms Approves

Phil Simms thinks that Tim Tebow can be an NFL QB -- but there are a couple of caveats.

"It's about the arm. It's about the arm. Let's just get over that. . . . It's not a powerful arm, by no means. It's not quick. He's just really got to control the football better. He doesn't control it as well as he should to really be a top-flight NFL quarterback, but that can change."

And there is this:

"He's going to make it in the NFL as a quarterback. Somebody will take him. I think it's a pretty tough road ahead. I think he has to make some changes as far as how he throws if he wants to be a successful NFL quarterback."

Simms is right: Someone will take him -- I think he probably meant that someone will take him in the 1st round, because no one has ever suggested that Tebow won't be drafted, period.

I don't think anyone disputes that Tebow is going to have to make some changes -- and, to his credit, Tebow is ready to do whatever he needs to in order to make those changes.

That said, I don't think his current skill-set precludes him from making an instant impact next season in goal-line or short-yardage situations, whether he is lined up at QB, RB, FB, TE, H-back or even on the O-line. It just takes a coach willing to be creative enough to use him.

More on that shortly.

(h/t: MDS at PFT. It's like Dan Patrick can't get through an interview without asking whoever he is talking with to give their opinion about Tim Tebow's NFL future. DP gets it.)

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