Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tebow Draft Watch: "Has Every Intangible"

When Florida QB coach Scott Loeffler addressed the media at the Sugar Bowl, he also addressed a slew of questions about Tim Tebow's fit in the NFL -- as I have said, Tebow will be the No. 1 storyline of the 2010 NFL Draft. Here were Loeffler's responses. Really interesting:

On Tebow's NFL potential:

“Absolutely. 100 percent. Just like any college quarterback coming from college football to the National Football League there’s transition. There was transition with Peyton Manning and there was transition with Tom Brady. The one I have down in Miami, there was transition. It’s just a different game.

"[Tebow] has every intangible. He has all the talent. Probably the biggest adjustment in that league is the speed. It (the NFL) is all the best players from all the best leagues. It’s an adjustment that every single quarterback that I’ve been associated with who has played in the league has had to make."

On time needed to make a transition:

"Oh I don’t know. That’s like asking whether an incoming recruit will be ready to play in his first year or his third year. Everybody is different. Some guys are going to pick it up quicker than the others. The way Tim Tebow is and the mentality he has and the work ethic he has it’s not going to take him long. It’s not going to take him long at all."

On intangibles:

"Being a quarterback is being a quarterback whether it’s Pee Wee Football or the National Football League. The guys who have “IT” are the guys who play a long time in that league and Tim Tebow has “IT”. The intangibles that he’s learned here and he learned from his parents is going to carry over to that league, there’s no question."

On a team adjusting to Tebow (or vice versa):

"I think every NFL system always adjusts to what their quarterback does best. I don’t know if they’ll let him [truck defensive players], but he’s going to."

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