Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tim Tebow Under Center: More To Come?

Let's step away from the Brandon Spikes suspension -- which I suspect is a squall that petered out sometime this morning, after all the newspaper folks filed -- and get back to Xs and Os:

Perhaps I am particularly wonky about Tim Tebow, but was anyone else thrilled by the handful of instances Tebow lined up under center against Georgia?

First, it was a nice moment to rub it in the faces of the NFL-haters who think he has absolutely no ability to go under center -- admittedly, it's a VERY small sample size. But he's showcasing!

Second, the I-formation is actually pretty effective. Now, we haven't seen Tebow actually throw out of the formation, but the running plays were positive and powerful.

It's not ideal in Urban Meyer's spread, but it does jibe with a strong O-line, a strong corps of running backs and a QB in Tebow who seems to be enthusiastic enough about it to give it a go.

(He even accidentally stepped under center when he was supposed to be in the shotgun -- Freudian error, revealing his inner "under-center" QB that he foresees in the pros?)

Look: It's a couple of plays per game, max. But they seem to be effective -- and they give the slightest sneak-preview of Tebow's ability to go under center in the NFL.

We'll see how often -- if at all -- Tebow goes under center against Vandy next Saturday night. Keep a look out for it.


  1. Come on...nobody questions whether Tebow can go under center and hand the ball off. I've seen 3rd grade kids do that effectively. There's no way you can attribute any of the effectiveness of handing the ball off in the I-formation to Tebow.

    Let's see him go under center, drop back in a 5 or 7 step drop, and make an NFL throw consistently. But like you, I agree that's probably NOT his future in the NFL, and agree that someone like New England should get creative with him.

  2. Tebow doesn't have the kind of backs necessary to run a true play action offense.. that is the ONLY reason he hasn't done it at Florida.. Meyer has said the same thing. Meyer has said if they had the personnel he thinks Tebow would be GREAT in a pro offense. Florida has never had the physical backs necessary for a true play action offense though.

  3. Sure, I think Tebow could be "successful" in college in a pro-style offense with the right personnel around him. I just don't think he would be good in the NFL in a pro-style offense. It's not that hard to see, watch the guy throw the football. Obviously NFL teams and scouts feel the same...

  4. Tony Dungy just said he would take Tebow top 5 in the draft.. I am sure Tony Dungy has talked to Payton Manning about Tebow.. if Manning thinks Tebow can be a great NFL Qb I would take his word over any of these supposed scouts think.. they are wrong all the time anyway.