Friday, November 20, 2009

Tim Tebow Swamp Finale: Prepare

Is it too early to start thinking about next week's game against Florida State -- Tim Tebow's final game at The Swamp? It's going to be a very very very very big deal:

The most popular player in the history of Florida football -- Florida anything, actually -- taking his final run out of the tunnel, snaps on the field, singing of songs in front of Swamp fans.

With tomorrow's game against FIU a foregone conclusion that it will be a walk-over, we can turn attention to Tebow's final home game, his final regular-season game as a college football player.

Wall-to-wall coverage all next week (there will be plenty to cover), but in the meantime, one fan had the clever idea to have fans at The Swamp for the FSU game wear eye-black in Tebow's honor. He created a Facebook group to promote it.

I kind of like that idea, actually. It's subtle but powerful, visual but not out of reach for ordinary fans. Some smart corporate marketing VP should sponsor eye-black stickers for everyone.

Hmm: Would it be crazy for Florida fans anywhere -- even outside the stadium -- to wear eye-black in honor of Tebow's final game at The Swamp?

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  1. No, that's not crazy....I live in Texas and am a HUGE Gators fan...I will not be at the game but after I saw the idea to wear the eye blacks I even considered it. I don't know where I'd get them, but I might do it! Go Tim and Go Gators! Love you guys!