Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tim Tebow Really Is This Good of a Person

You are 10 years old.
You live in Jacksonville.
You are a Florida fan.
You go to see the Gators get off the bus for practice.
You meet a friendly person in the security detail.
You are brought into the walk-through.
You get to meet Tim Tebow.
You get to catch passes from Tim Tebow.
You get to hang out with Tim Tebow for 10 minutes.
Your mom puts it on Facebook (naturally).
You are profiled in the Florida T-U.
You have the experience of your young lifetime.

Of Tebow's most admirable qualities, the generosity he shows with his time for fans is probably my favorite. During arguably the most pressure-packed week of his career, Tebow still has time for the young fans.

Tebow constantly talks about his priorities being, in this order: Faith, Family, Football. I think that "Fans" probably belongs in there, and it wouldn't surprise me to hear Tebow put that in between Family and Football (where he also put "School," although not for long).

(h/t: Only Gators)

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