Monday, November 30, 2009

Tim Tebow Not 2009 SI Sportsman of Year

Tim Tebow has been named 2009 Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year! He was the obvious choice, but regardless, what a great --

Wait: What's that? Tebow didn't win Sportsman of the Year?

Well, who did?

Derek JETER?


Derek Jeter has been named 2009 Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year. Tim Tebow has been... well, snubbed.

We talked about this at the beginning of the month: I think Tebow is the clear choice for Sportsman of the Year (SI), Athlete of the Year (SN) or whatever your superlative award (ESPY).

*Led Florida to a national title.
*Came back to school for senior year.
*Hasn't lost this season.
*His never-ending community commitment.
*The general hysteria around everything he does.

Finally: He is arguably the greatest college football player of all time. And if you don't like "greatest," then how about "most popular," "most compelling," "most high-profile" -- you pick.

Tebow hasn't lost a game in 2009. He has won championships. He has handled an absurd level of celebrity with relative ease. He has led. He has created an impossible standard.

If that's not worth "Sportsman of the Year," what is?

Oh, they must be saving him to be named "Sportsman of the Decade." That MUST be it....


  1. "Sportsman of the Decade." That MUST be it....

    That is definitely it!!!

  2. Sports Ill (pun intended) must have needed to sell a lot of magazines in NY because this is a farce. Typical of Time/Life to sell their soul for monetary or political reasons.

  3. Or Maybe Sports Illustrated was watching the National Championship and saw "the great one" get an unsportsman like conduct penalty. I know Tebow nation refuses to recognize the event, but good for Sports Illustrated for noticing "the great one" and all his pride and arrogance.