Monday, November 2, 2009

Tim Tebow and the Anti-Promise of 2009

I absolutely love this "did-they-or-didn't-they" storyline about the alleged shouting match between Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes in the Florida locker room after the Mississippi State game.

Urban Meyer denies there was anything more than the proverbial clearing of the air and people taking responsibility, but -- as Ben Volin put it -- something happened.

And that something was good. Very good.

I call it "The Anti-Promise," and it completely redeems the problem I had with Tebow for not talking with the media after the Mississippi State game was over.

Why? Because this wasn't about making a speech to the media or Gator Nation. This was about getting things right within the team dynamic, when things had obviously been very wrong.

And if Spikes -- leader of a defense that had been carrying the Gators through the SEC season -- wanted to call out Tebow? All the better.

And if Tebow -- in his frustration -- wanted to shout back at Spikes... shout back at the entire team? All the better.

It was obvious from the Georgia results that whatever happened in that locker room, it had a galvanizing effect on the entire team, particularly Tebow and Florida's offense.

This rallying cry won't be etched into stone outside The Swamp -- heck, Meyer basically disavowed that it even existed, beyond everyone "taking responsibility" for their performance.

But it will prove to be just as pivotal of a moment as Tebow's "Promise" after the loss to Ole Miss a year ago.

Tebow and the team are locked in. And, when things get iffy, they can draw on that open -- if hostile -- exchange of commitment in Starkville to refocus their efforts and plunge forward.

Tebow didn't need to say anything to the media after the game -- he said everything he needed to in the locker room... and his teammates did the same thing. And you saw the result in Jax.


  1. Dan this article couldn't have been written any better! thanks

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  3. I have a suspicion that if there was a confrontation between Tebow and Spikes it went something like this.. Spikes said something negative about Tebow's teammates or offensive coordinator.. Tebow yelled at Spikes about respecting his teammates and offensive coordinator. Spikes said he meant no disrespect.. they both spoke to the team and said they all needed to stick together. Just a guess of course..

    The reason I feel this way is because Tebow and his teammates on offense said something about Tebow taking it personal when people talked bad about his teammates on offense.