Monday, November 9, 2009

Tim Tebow: 2009 SI Sportsman of the Year?

This should not surprise you: I think that Tim Tebow is the easy and obvious choice for 2009 Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year.

It remains to be seen whether he actually will win -- and we're going to dig a lot more into this as we get closer to the December 1 reveal, and I think he will -- but he has at least one other vote.

SI's Austin Murphy -- who wrote the Missionary Tebow cover story in July -- thinks Tebow deserves the honor.
This nomination is pegged less to his production on the field than to his actions away from it. With an easy smile and a remarkably tireless, selfless example, Tebow has demonstrated to a generation of football fans that it's cool to be kind.


  1. If he wins (which he should) it'll be well deserved.

  2. Obviously you do, since you took the time to comment and all.

  3. Should've clarified my who cares for idiots like you Brittany. Who cares about SI sportsman of the year.

  4. Hahaha keep it classy Al, no need to call someone an idiot when you make a broad statement and someone doesn't interpret it the way you meant it. And to answer your question I'm pretty sure lots of people care about SI Sportsman of the Year.