Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tebow's Legacy Is Defined By Winning

ESPN.com SEC blogger Chris Low has an absolute must-read in trying to define Tim Tebow's legacy, heading into his final home game at The Swamp. The money quote:
[In] my book, what sets him apart is the way he’s won, the way he’s inspired his teammates to win and the way he’s managed to keep winning despite being one of the most visible targets college football has seen in a long time.
The entire thing is worth your time. Really great perspective -- succinctly delivered -- from an SEC expert. OK, one last quote from Low:
"I doubt we'll see one (at least any time soon) who impacts the game in as many different ways as Tebow did."

UPDATE: Here is another great retrospective, from "Mr. College Football," Tony Barnhart of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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  1. There's a nice little Tebow video interview on the front page of EPSN too