Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tebow's Eye-Black: Romans 1:16

Tim Tebow is wearing eye-black against Florida International sporting "Rom 1:16" -- Romans 1:16. Here is one version:

I am proud of the good news! It is God's powerful way of saving all people who have faith, whether they are Jews or Gentiles.

(That's the Contemporary English Version. You can see other versions behind the link.)

Usually, I try to come up with a way to apply the eye-black to the storylines of the field. That's a bit of a toughie this week. Maybe something like:

Don't be ashamed of appreciating the wins -- no matter if they are close or blow-outs. Just appreciate that you're winning.

Let's start speculating immediately what eye-black Tebow will wear next week for his last game ever at The Swamp.

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