Friday, November 13, 2009

Tebow Troubles Against South Carolina?

The Gainesville Sun's Robbie Andreu has a bad feeling about tomorrow's game:
The way the Florida offense is playing, the Gators are going to have trouble putting up a lot of points against a very good, very fast and athletic South Carolina defense. If Tim Tebow doesn’t get better protection, this could turn into a real meltdown game for the offense. Something tells me the Gators will be playing from behind at some point in this game. How they react to that will be huge.
This Florida team has looked a lot more like the 2006 edition than the 2008 edition all SEC season long. And everyone remembers that nail-biting (or nail-blocking) finish against South Carolina in '06.

I waver between blind, complete confidence and freaking out over the prospect of a season-killing loss.

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