Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tebow Swamp Finale Lead-Up: Uniform Controversy?

We'll get into this more later this week, but it isn't without contention that Florida will play its final home game of the season -- Tebow's final home game ever -- in those new Nike "Pro Combat" uniforms, rather than the traditional uniforms.

Even Tebow touched on it, during his post-game press availability, via the Twitter feed of Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post:
#Tebow says he has "mixed feelings" about wearing the new #Nike uniforms next week in his last home game at The Swamp
It's pretty interesting to see a major de facto Nike endorser -- and presumably future cornerstone Nike endorser -- question the uniform choices. (Not that I expect him to pull a Marcus Jordan and refuse to wear the uniforms. But his "mixed feelings" speak volumes.)

But honestly: Would it have been so hard for the school to wear the alternative uniforms THIS week, against a non-opponent in a non-finale context?

Yes, it will -- even slightly -- tarnish next week's game. I'm all for Nike trying out -- and promoting -- new uniform looks and technologies.

Just not in Tebow's career finale at The Swamp.


Speaking of Twitter, I'll leave you for the evening with this, from Dick Vitale:
@DickieV : TIM TEBOW is such a winner. Don't measure Tebow by stats- he is MR HEISMAN!
Catch you in the morning.

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  1. Nike would not allow UF to wear them for the FIU game because they want PRESS from the endeavor. It is a marketing ploy. It had to fit in to the last 3 weeks, and the only game that would fit the strategy was FSU.