Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tebow Quote of the Day: Steve Spurrier

"Without a doubt the best third-down quarterback that maybe has played."

-- Steve Spurrier, on Tim Tebow. Of all the "[superlative] of all time" comparisons, this was a new one. I collect Tebow superlatives like some people collect Christmas ornaments.

Is it about Tebow's ability to convert on 3rd and short? Or his ability to either convert on 3rd and short with the run or on 3rd and long with the pass (and/or long run)?

(Although I will say that Spurrier engages in my pet peeve: "Maybe." It's the same with "might be." Just say it definitively and defend it. You won't get punished if you're "wrong," particularly given that it's impossible to prove -- or disprove -- any qualitatively based superlative.)

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