Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tebow Quote of the Day: On Play-Calling

"I’d much rather watch Jeff run than go fight for 1 more yard. I’ve done that a lot of times."

-- Tim Tebow, on the play-calling against Vanderbilt, whose high point was the thrilling 25-yard option pitch to Demps. (Hmm: Who's been asking for that for the last month?)

It is no admission of weakness on the part of Tebow, Addazio, Meyer or anyone else to acknowledge that Demps should get Harvinesque touches in the red zone, where Demps has been virtually unstoppable when running to the outside.

Yes, for most of the game, this felt like a "two-steps-back" performance from the offense -- particularly in protecting Tebow. But it is reasonable to argue that this defense is so good -- and I'm talking about "one of the best defenses of all time" good -- that it plus the special teams can carry a good-enough offense to the national title.

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  1. Maybe they are running the option less to protect Tebow from hits.. problem is that if they can't protect him in the pocket he is better off running.