Monday, November 16, 2009

Tebow Quote of the Day: On the Heisman

"You know what, if we win those games, I won’t be too discouraged if I don’t go to New York for that. That’s my focus right now. It would be OK (if i didn’t go to New York)."

-- Tim Tebow, on his mindset about the Heisman. In other words: He doesn't care.

More from today's media availability:

(The Heisman) is not something I really think about or care about. When (the Heisman talk) comes on TV, I usually turn the channel and don’t worry about it. Winning the Heisman Trophy is very special. It’s a huge award, very prestigious, very humbling. But it compares zero to winning a national championship or an SEC championship.

That’s what you train for. That’s what you battle for every day in practice and in the weight room on your own or with your teammates for the last four years. That’s what you train for. You don’t train for winning the Heisman Trophy. That’s something that just comes from being blessed with a lot of guys on our team that help your out and make me look a lot better than I am. Winning a championship is what’s truly special.

I still think that if Florida beats Alabama for the SEC title and a place in the national-title game, Tebow will be invited to New York, along with Colt McCoy and -- perhaps -- Mark Ingram (if Ingram gets enough votes before the SECCG) or a wild-card like CJ Spiller or Toby Gerhart.

I understand why only three players were invited last year, but unlike other awards, "just being invited" for the Heisman ceremony IS a really big deal. And in a Heisman season as uncertain as this one, it would be really cool if they brought in five contenders.

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  1. Sometimes it's uncanny how mature and intelligent Tebow is for his age. He understands that he plays a team sport and relies on his teammates to win games and make him look good (as well as make everyone else on the team look good.) The Heisman glorifies one man in a team game, it's dangerous to focus on it as a player.