Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tebow Gator GameDay: The Swamp Finale!

Here we go: The final game at The Swamp for Tim Tebow, the most successful and popular player in the history of Florida football -- and possibly the history of college football.

I can't believe I won't be at The Swamp for this -- my in-laws will be there, representing, and my kids' Aunt Holly FedEx'ed eye-black strips for everyone to wear today. (Yes, even me.)

As we have been reviewing all week, it should be an emotional pre-game ceremony -- for fans, for Urban Meyer, for the Tebows and for Tim himself.

And that's BEFORE kickoff. Once that happens, it's all business: Complete the unbeaten regular season, against the most bitter rival. That is the best possible way to end Tebow's Swamp career.

More later.

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