Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tebow For Heisman: Still In Top 5

In the latest poll, Tim Tebow is 4th. Mark Ingram still leads -- but presumably, his fate rests on the Alabama-Florida outcome.

Houston QB Case Keenum is winning the "Andre Ware" vote: Ridiculous stats, helped by some dramatic highlight footage from last week's near-loss.

Colt McCoy is 3rd, and -- in my opinion -- still the odds-on favorite to win, presuming Texas runs the table through the conference-championship weekend/Heisman voting deadline.

Is Tebow out of it? Hardly. As long as Florida keeps winning, he will stay in the hunt -- the SEC title game will be his position to make his case.

(Then again, he may never have a Heisman moment as big as he did in last year's SECCG -- all it earned him was more 1st-place votes than anyone else... and a 3rd-place finish, thanks to biased voters in Big 12 country.)

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