Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tebow Draft Watch: Jimmie Johnson Is a Hater

"I don't think Tim Tebow can play in the NFL if it's in a pro style offense."

-- Jimmy Johnson, on the Dan Patrick Show today. Yes, but who said he could... or even would? The longstanding argument (around here and in Urban Meyer's office) is that Tebow needs to be deployed creatively. Maybe that's as a starting QB in a totally revolutionary system, but maybe that is as a spot-starter in particular situations: Short-yardage, red-zone.

Johnson says it himself: "Coaches -- it doesn't make any difference or they're pro or college -- they're so set in their ways, sometimes they try to fit a square peg into a round hole."

Exactly: If Tebow plays for a smart coach (cough! Belichick!) who takes advantage of his unique skills, he can do just fine as a QB in the NFL. Look at how Vince Young is now thriving in an offensive scheme that is suited to his ability to move in the pocket.


  1. What is ridiculous is that in that very same interview JJ says he likes Vince Young as a player and not Tebow.. that makes absolutely no sense.. it must be some kind of anti SEC bias. I don't think Vince Young would have been near as successful in the SEC as he was in the BIG12. Just like how Sam Bradford's numbers went down dramatically against an SEC defense when he faced Florida.

  2. Dan - Don't know if you want to make this public, or delete it, but I doubt it was Jimmie Johnson the NASCAR champ who was quoted on Tebow.
    You might want to flip that to Jimmy for posterity. You got it right in the post, but mixed up the spelling in the title.
    I just thought you're the kind of details oriented guy who would want it right for future reference.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy Tim's Swamp sendoff.