Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Tebow Fandom, But a Brief Digression

So we already know about Tim Tebow's lifetime allegiance as a Gators fan, and how that was a big influence on how much he cares about the program and the fans -- and, in turn, how much they care about him. Here is a bit more, along those lines, but a little more personal to me:

When I'm not helping my older son put on "Tebow"-themed eye-black in honor of Tim Tebow's finale at The Swamp, I am writing essays in today's Sunday New York Times about how I am trying to help him find his way as a sports fan.

(Obviously, his college football allegiance is covered -- this piece today wasn't about his Florida fandom. But there's a lot to be written about that, too.)

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  1. I liked that NYT story! You certainly made the right choice, picking the kind of game and circumstances a young child would enjoy more.