Saturday, November 21, 2009

Life After Tebow Begins Today

Today is Tim Tebow's 2nd-to-last game at The Swamp. It should be a romp. The second team should see plenty of playing time, including Tebow's heir-apparent, John Brantley.

Think back to the November laugher in 2006: Western Carolina. Chris Leak was pulled early, and Tim Tebow was given the keys to the offense -- fans at The Swamp (I was there, too) left feeling thrilled about the prospects of the team for the next season and beyond.

Next week will be about Tim Tebow's Swamp farewell. This week will be such a blowout that it will really be about life "After Tebow." And that's what this week's Yahoo-Teblog column is about.

As you wait around until the 12:30 kickoff -- hopefully, you have access to the pay-per-view broadcast somewhere or will be going to the game -- it's a good way to think about today's game.

(Because, as soon as Tebow comes out of today's game, we start thinking about next week's game -- his Swamp finale. Wow: It's going to be crazy.)

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