Sunday, November 22, 2009

Image of the Day: Tebow's TD Run

Photo credit: Doug Finger, Gainesville Sun.

Contrary to popular belief (and unlike his idol, Danny Wuerffel), you typically don't see a whole lot of flashy religious gestures from Tim Tebow on the field -- even after TDs. Most of the time, he leaps into the arms of his offensive linemen or flexes his arms to the crowd.

On Tebow's career-best 55-yard TD run, however, he flashed a quick finger and glance to the sky when he entered the end zone, then received his teammates in celebration. The Sun captured it perfectly from the back of the end zone.

I think this was my favorite Tebow moment of the season so far, actually.

(Be sure to read Sun standout correspondent Ed Aschoff's terrific frozen-moment analysis of the run.)

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