Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Heisman Watch: Tebow Down to 5th

Let's start with this: Tim Tebow doesn't care about the Heisman Trophy. Or, at least, he doesn't care about it relative to the level he cares about winning.

That said, Tebow comes in at No. 5 in this week's HeismanPundit.com straw poll.

The top 4 are Mark Ingram, Colt McCoy, Toby Gerhart and CJ Spiller. Can't disagree with any of those folks -- my ballot this week would certainly include Gerhart and Spiller.

What I continue to find fascinating is that even though everyone seems to keep insisting that Tebow is having a year that doesn't compare to either of the previous two, he's still Top 5.

I will continue to insist that he isn't out of it until the Alabama-Florida game, and if he leads Florida past the Tide, Tebow will finish in the Top 3 and go to New York for the ceremony.

I'm not saying he will win -- I think at that point, Mark Ingram drops off and Colt McCoy slides up to No. 1, as the pick that the most voters will find acceptable enough.

(Spiller reminds me of Darren McFadden as a sophomore or junior -- he's probably the best all-around player in the country. If he keeps racking up stats, he'll be in NYC.)

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