Thursday, November 5, 2009

Heisman Watch: Tebow Back In The Mix

How topsy-turvy is this year's Heisman race? One week, Tim Tebow is a front-runner. The next, he is all but tossed out. And the next? Back in the mix at the top.

In the Scripps straw poll, Tebow regained the lead from Alabama's Mark Ingram -- on the strength of Tebow's nationally televised performance against Georgia.

In the HeismanPundit straw poll, Ingram still leads, but Tebow vaulted back up to 2nd, including 3 1st-place votes.

With 4 nationally televised games remaining -- Vanderbilt on ESPN, South Carolina on CBS, Florida State on CBS (likely) and the SEC title game on CBS -- Tebow will have plenty of spotlight to make his case.

If Florida keeps winning and Tebow plays like he did against Georgia, he will win the Heisman.

That said: I still think that Colt McCoy will benefit from three factors:

(1) Voters' interests in simultaneously "rewarding" McCoy for his career (including not being able to give him a share last season);

(2) it doesn't feel like they want to give Tebow another Heisman (the so-called "Tebow fatigue"); and

(3) a regional split between Ingram and Tebow, but solidarity for McCoy in the Midwest, Southwest and West (by the same voters who cynically left Tebow off their ballots a year ago).

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